Capt. Atma Prakash Sethi
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GEIMS situated in Lonavala(120 kms. From Mumbai) is a centre for pre-sea training of cadets to serve as officers on merchant navy ships. The Institute, established in 2006, is a division of the Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd., Mumbai was set up to provides pre sea and post sea training to seafarers employed on ships of the Great Eastern Shipping Company. Since last several years the Institute is alsoproviding trained manpower to various shipping companies located in India and across the world.
Today the Institute promotes and supports the international image of India’s coveted position as a leading country providing trained officers for international shipping.

GEIMS is one of the largest, and most important centers for maritime education and training in the Country. Its pre-eminence in maritime education and training is reflective of its excellent programs, distinguished and experienced faculty and trainers, and outstanding facilities. With the vision of Mr. Vasant J. Sheth, past Chairman of the Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd. and a doyen of Indian shipping industry, the evolution of a private Maritime training Institute in Mumbai in March 1975 as a ‘Cadet Training Academy’ was perceived.
Three decades later, in March 2006, the Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies (GEIMS), was established at Lonavala on 18 acres of verdant land amidst salubrious surroundings of hills and waterfalls to provide state of the art infrastructure and facilities for training both Nautical and Engineer Officers to man ships on international trade. In 2008 the Institute affiliated to the Indian Maritime University, Chennai to conduct Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) course for Trainee Nautical Officers Cadets (TNOC) leading to a B.Sc degree in applied Nautical Science. The Institute offers 8+4 months Graduate Marine Engineers course to candidates having degree in mechanical engineering. GEIMS was the first Institute to commence, in 2011, the training course for Electro Technical Officers (ETO) required on ships as per IMO’s revised STCW 2010 Regulations. Needless to say that all training courses conducted at the Institute are based on a quality system and certified under ISO 9001:2008 and duly approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India. In addition the training programs at GEIMS encompasses several safety and ‘value addition’ courses required in the maritime sector. At GEIMS the training programme for all courses are designed as per the mandated STCW requirements to inculcate the correct attributes in the Cadet before he goes out to sea. The experienced Faculty and Trainers strive to ensure that the Cadet’s competency not only encompasses skills and knowledge, but also the organization and planning of work keeping in mind all safety procedures, coping with non-routine activities, as well as those qualities of personal effectiveness, which are required to deal with other people.

The infrastructure includes independent cadets’ hostels, dining rooms, well furnished classrooms, gymnasium, swimming pool and playground. The training facilities have all types of marine machinery and a main propulsion engine installed in the campus and several ‘state of the art’ simulators, including Ship’s Bridge, Engine room, modern boiler management, Electrical high voltage panel to name a few.  The Institute is presently training 400 cadets per year. Most importantly GEIMS can confidently assert that all cadets find placement on Indian and international flag ships soon after completion of their training ashore. Based on the Institutes excellent infrastructure, training facilities and placement records, the Govt. of India has graded GEIMS as an ‘outstanding’ - A1 maritime training Institute in the country since 2014.

The vision of The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies is ‘to make it a global frontrunner in the field of maritime education and training’ and we believe that the training provided to our cadets at GEIMS will undoubtedly provide that difference in the world merchant fleet for now and in the future.