The Indian maritime and shipping industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. India as a nation is poised for tremendous growth in the coming decades. Moreover, India is increasingly augmenting its export capacity. This only means good news to the Indian shipping and maritime industry.

The industry is expected to witness unprecedented growth and anyone engaged with this industry is going to benefit on many fronts.
The Indian government is planning on putting in place measures which will entail improving laws and regulations to increase foreign and domestic investment in the sector. This will enhance the existing ports and help in the development of new modern ones. It will also include sprucing up existing non-major ports and increasing their capacity. All of this is being done with only one objective in mind, that is, increase in the exports.

Another important factor responsible for the growth of the industry is the fact that India is quickly becoming one of the biggest consumers of oil and gas in the world. Moreover, the country is also an important exporter of refined petroleum goods. This puts the shipping and maritime industry at the heart of this sector of our economy.
Besides the fact that the industry at large is poised for growth, there is another important factor that makes a job as a maritime professional even more attractive. That factor is Indian talent. Globally, Indian maritime professionals are highly soughtafter. This means that, not only are you assured of a good career, but you are also assured employment by some of the biggest and most respected maritime companies in the world.

All of this proves, that choosing a career in the shipping and maritime industry at this time, is a wise and sound choice.